Ruben de la Rive Box

Sharing a View

During the Vitra Summer Workshop programme at ‘Domaine de Boisbuchet’ Ruben de la Rive Box designed a tree bench for two as part of the Tomás Alonso workshop ‘up in the woods’ in collaboration with Jorge Penadés.

The brief was to design a seating situation for two that would have a relationship with the environment and that would create an interaction between the two users.

Based on the belief that people can communicate more freely and openly when they are not facing each other but rather look into the distance, the objective was to create a secluded tree bench in which two people could share a nice view, away from everyday life.

Fusing the object with an existing landscape, the oak wood bench was mounted on an old dead oak tree on the side of a lake, raising the idea of using the old tree as building material and melting the bench and tree together into one big gesture.