Ruben de la Rive Box

‘Through the Looking Glass’ at Istanbul Design Week

6 November 2013

‘Through the Looking Glass’ at Istanbul Design Week



Like the ripples in a pond, the dunes in a desert or the waves of sound, nature seems to present us with patterns of regularity and harmony. But as humans we’ve always had the urge to look further than this tranquil surface. Science has shown us the microscopic and even molecular structure that make up our world. What we discovered were complex and wild landscapes of small particles and energy.

This collection tries to satisfy this human desire to look beyond the surface and see what’s beneath it. The ring refracts our vision, showing the detail of the weave, the resolution of the print and it distorts the patterns into wild, unpredictable shapes and colours. 

The scarves are fine silk surfaces of graphic pattern, with hardly any volume or substance. The scarf rings are clear transparent handmade glass volumes, almost invisible. 

The scarves have been designed as abstracted visions of nature’s perfection. The rings are designed to question it.